Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Five things I need to do to finish my project are:

1. Create a page two and three
2. Hyperlink the pages together
3.Add more words on the main page.
4. Find things about volcanoes and write them in my own words in dream weaver.
5.Find helpful pictures about volcanoes.
The Five things that i have learnt about how to use dream weaver is:

1.I know how to make a picture big enough to fit the home page.
2.In dream weaver i know how to hyperlink a page to another page.
3.I know how to right on top of the picture
4. I also know how to change the fonts.
5. Also finaly i know how to change the color of the words.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bad website HRODC: The website isnt eye catching, first the colour is dull, then when you scroll down, the page becomes light yellow which hurts the eyes. Its a very long way to scroll down, they could have divided it up in pages, there are no pictures, and no titles telling us what we are entering or what we are reading.And we have to look for the page that we are looking for, we cant type it in a search box so it can lead us there because there is no search box!!

Good website Henkel: The website uses sort colours, its a short page and it has a place where you can type what you are searching for, and it lead you to it, it has alot of information on the first page, links for important news, it doesnt hurt the eyes.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Disaster website Will be about eathquakes.
The Backround of my Webpage on the fist page will be a black background with a volcano in the background that is a little bit faded. The Letter colours will NOT be black because the background will be black so then the letters will not show, so the letters will be either light blue or normal blue.
On the first page i will put what the websites are about, like this : 1.What the website is about, then picture will be big but on the upper right cornerof the page. My page will be eye catching because it will have alot of ppictures of natural disasters, and there will be alot of colours poping out.But thats all going to be on page number one.
On page number 2 the background will be light orange, and the test writing will be maroon.
There will be information (at the top of the page) about hurricanes and otherother wind disasters that happend 2 years ago and more. Then at the body of the page it will talk about all the other natural disasters. Also at each corner of the page there will be a picture of natural disasters.and at the bottom of the page we will add 3 big and horrifying pictures of the natural disaster breaking houses and such.
And Finaly On page 3, the background will be pink, and the text will be black.The last page will talk about why each disaster is bad and how animals know there coming, and an easy way for a human to know when its coming(top page).There will be two pictures of the wisest animals that sense that a tornado or hurricane is coming, and there will be pictures that will be labled by there name.(Body of the page) Then a bibliography on where i got the information from and where i got the pictures from.(Bottom page) and that all.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Today in I.T I logged in to blogger,delicios and the wiki, and then i went to Inpiration 7.6 to brain storm on what I need to do on my new web site, so at the top the box in pink it says home page, then an arrow points from home page to a box that says page two, it also points to a box that says page 3, page three points to page 2 and page two points at page three, so its like a big triangle.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Which communication forms are synchronous? Synchronous communication is when you are talking to someone in real time, like on the phone, or on msn chat room, or even just face to face.
Which ones are asynchronous? Asynchronos means when you write someone a letter and wait for it to be sent and also wait when someone reads it and sends back, its the same with e-mails, you send it then wait for the reciever to open it and answer back.
What type of information would be conveyed by each form? For synchronos: the example is : if some one fell and broke his or hers hand, and you need to get him/her to the hospital pronto, you call the ambulance on the phone.

For Asynchronos : the example is: if you want to tell a friend how was your day but you cant use the phone you can always e-mail them.
What is needed in hardware and software for each?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I still didnt do much in IT this year because we just started lessons and this is my second lesson, but so far i first created an account in delicous, then Mrs.Lindsay asked us to answer the question by surfing on wikipedia and posting it, though it was boring , at least what she asked us to do was easy. Then she asked us to create a blog account and write about what i did or learnt in these past two lessons, which is what im doing right now.