Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Reflection And Evaluation

My website is amazing, sure it might not be what i planned but i think i made it better than i had planned, its more colourful, and it has more pictures.
The information that i planned though is still the same, its the same information that i had planned from the begining.I wrote about animals senses when they know when they know a volcano is coming hours or days later.I also wrote about the animals with the best senses.And what kind of volcanos their are, like the ones under water or the world most deadliest.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Colour and design of website: Jana's Web

The colour is pretty good because it doesn't blend in, each colour is bold and easy to read
the heading though does not match the background, but the title is correct.but that's on page one, on page 2 and 3 there are paragraphs that have a very light and bright colour it can make someone blind.

the background image is big and clear, but the images under picture are really blurry, and i cant make out what it is.But the other pages have clearer pictures and background(1&2)

Navigation and organisation:
The links all work together, and they take us to the correct place mentioned.

Information pages:
their are 3 pages,and all of them have correct information, but there isn't alot of information on any of the pages.

The text is big enough to read but on some page like 1 and 2 they are to bright to see,like the title 'facts you have to know' is in light pink so its hard to see.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Page 1:
Colour & Design:
The wrighting is easy to see,and allthecoloursdont blend in to eachother but still match.

The backround picture is a bit blurry not alot, but her other pictures are tiny, and some match the colour in the background so it is hard to see.Her background takes up the whole page.

Navigation and Organisation:
Her links are only for two pages, page 1 islinkied to page 2, and page 2 is linked to page 1.and the fisrt page is linked to the thrd page and the third page is linked to the first page.

Information Pages:
she spelled valcanoe wrong in the first paragraph, enviroment is spelled incorectly on the second paragraphs.
her paragraphs are thin, there is not enough information on the first page.

Text - size: her text size is twelve and it is readable, even the colour is readable.

Page 2:
Colour & Design:
the only picture there is, is the background picture, there are no other pictures.

Images - size:
the backround immage fills in the whole page.And it is not blurry.

Navigation and organisation:
The links work perfectly.

Information pages:
there is not enough information again,only thin paragraphs.

Text - size:
The text size is big, but bright yellow which makes it hard to read.

Page 3:
Colour and design :
the colours are good and the background is big.

Images - size:
the image sizes are good and not blurry.

Navigation and organisation:
The link works really good it takes me to the home page.

Information pages:
There is not alot of information and all the information is appropriot.

Text - size:
The text size is small but hard to see because tyhe colour is too bright.