Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well today i did 2 slides of BETRAYED! part one and 2, i reached the part where monica's bestfriend leaves her at the park. Today was a quiet class and i learnt something new, i learnt how to copy toondoo and paste it on paint, but is still dont know how to post it on my blog, i need the teacher to help me with that. other than that everything was easy and simple. i am starting on my third slide
I was the first to finish my design and plan a week ago, but with my horrible luck i forgot to save them and so i had to do it again, my plan complteley changed because i forgot my toondoo account and created another one, also i wrote my first blog today because i didnt know i had to keep track.

anyway my story is about a little girl who was walking in the park, gets lost and couldnt find her friends, then meets a friendly street girl who will help her find her mother and family and realized that they moved away and didnt want her anymore.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


first i will make a small comic about a shrimp boy who gets in loads of trouble because of his humerous mouth. and i'll make it a funny comic, i need the internet and the keyboard and mouse and also the moniter, i will not need music because this will be posted on my blog.
i will complete the project by making shrimp get adopted and live a happy ending.
the people that watch it will evaluate it by spelling and actions (if the actions make sense with the comment) and if its boring or not and how i can improve it.