Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Which communication forms are synchronous? Synchronous communication is when you are talking to someone in real time, like on the phone, or on msn chat room, or even just face to face.
Which ones are asynchronous? Asynchronos means when you write someone a letter and wait for it to be sent and also wait when someone reads it and sends back, its the same with e-mails, you send it then wait for the reciever to open it and answer back.
What type of information would be conveyed by each form? For synchronos: the example is : if some one fell and broke his or hers hand, and you need to get him/her to the hospital pronto, you call the ambulance on the phone.

For Asynchronos : the example is: if you want to tell a friend how was your day but you cant use the phone you can always e-mail them.
What is needed in hardware and software for each?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

I still didnt do much in IT this year because we just started lessons and this is my second lesson, but so far i first created an account in delicous, then Mrs.Lindsay asked us to answer the question by surfing on wikipedia and posting it, though it was boring , at least what she asked us to do was easy. Then she asked us to create a blog account and write about what i did or learnt in these past two lessons, which is what im doing right now.