Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My assignment will be a comic called the adventures of Shrimp, the website i will use will be toondoo because i think that it will look funny, it will be like comic strips andits about a small boy called Shrimp as his nickname and tells funny quotes that offend people and lets him get into alot of trouble, a once he is through one trouble he soon runs into the next! it will be 5 comic strips each one cut into two, and two full strips, it fist starts at a class room and ends in bed, there will be a total of 7 stips and 12 scenes. the way it will be evaluated is if it shows i put alot of effort in it and if it is a success on making people laugh, and if the amount of strips is acceptable. Unfortunatly it wont move but thats the whole point of a comic. Since i will be using toondoo i will need characters and props and backgrounds.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Aniboom: can create a solid anything you want and can make it talk and move like a small cartoon show.
The advantages are:
you can create anything you want and use any colour you want.
Disadvantages: its very complicated.
Toodoo: lets you create variuos comics with speech bubbles diffrent items charackters and lay outs.
Advanteges: You can make comics, laugh at the characters and explore AND post your ideas.
Disadvantiges: you cant make them move or talk (only by a speech bubble).

In macromedia you can draw anything you want and write anything and type any where with any font and size you want.
Advanteges: its fun practicing drawing on the computer.
Disadvanteges: you have to write and draw everything from scratch and there are no animations.