Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My Disaster website Will be about eathquakes.
The Backround of my Webpage on the fist page will be a black background with a volcano in the background that is a little bit faded. The Letter colours will NOT be black because the background will be black so then the letters will not show, so the letters will be either light blue or normal blue.
On the first page i will put what the websites are about, like this : 1.What the website is about, then picture will be big but on the upper right cornerof the page. My page will be eye catching because it will have alot of ppictures of natural disasters, and there will be alot of colours poping out.But thats all going to be on page number one.
On page number 2 the background will be light orange, and the test writing will be maroon.
There will be information (at the top of the page) about hurricanes and otherother wind disasters that happend 2 years ago and more. Then at the body of the page it will talk about all the other natural disasters. Also at each corner of the page there will be a picture of natural disasters.and at the bottom of the page we will add 3 big and horrifying pictures of the natural disaster breaking houses and such.
And Finaly On page 3, the background will be pink, and the text will be black.The last page will talk about why each disaster is bad and how animals know there coming, and an easy way for a human to know when its coming(top page).There will be two pictures of the wisest animals that sense that a tornado or hurricane is coming, and there will be pictures that will be labled by there name.(Body of the page) Then a bibliography on where i got the information from and where i got the pictures from.(Bottom page) and that all.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Today in I.T I logged in to blogger,delicios and the wiki, and then i went to Inpiration 7.6 to brain storm on what I need to do on my new web site, so at the top the box in pink it says home page, then an arrow points from home page to a box that says page two, it also points to a box that says page 3, page three points to page 2 and page two points at page three, so its like a big triangle.