Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Major reflection

1.discuss strengths and weaknesses of your product based on the peer review: what improvements were suggested, what did you modify and change?

My strength wasthat everything was enjoyable and that the story had good suspense,i had no weaknesses but i was suggested on putting the text in order because some people got confused when they read.

2.discuss the strength and weaknesses of your performance during this unit: what did you do well in? what could you have done better?

i did well in creating a story and making the facial expressions tomatch the characters.
i could have picked a diffrent variety of charcters and made there attitudes more intresting.

3.discuss the impact this product may/will have on your friends and family.

Well my friends would find it very intresting and a bit funny,so that we would makenumerous jokes about it and my family would be proud of me for creating a good story and taking my time to do it even if i rushed a bit in the end. my small cousins would find it very ice and it would influence them to play toondoo.

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