Saturday, January 24, 2009


My technology will be about the Sims 2 since i think its a fun and and easy way to learn many things. Since im going to do about the sims 2. I though that my sims could present it. So i am going to make a movie using the sims, which is one of its great advantages. I am going to do this by first,making my sims location, or home. I will create a big home, that has a kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom for adults,teens,child, toddler and baby. Then i will have a dining room, and a room where my sims will talk about it. like a studio. Next i have to practice making a move. There is a video camera button on the sims which i can use to video my sims. so i will practice the areas, and ofcourse furnish my house. i Will also create sims.
My introduction will have a girl sim, who would be the main character, and she would talk about how the sims can help people learn. Around her would be chairs where other sims would sit and be listening to my sim. She would say : The sims is a very interesting game. you can do many things with it like make a music videos or a series. You can also learn many things with it too, like weather changes and how to raise kids. You can create your own unique character and control her story, you can have a creative lives, like gothic people. or a nice normal homey life. Its your choice! I will show you some examples.
My sims will take you to show you first about the different ages. Then show you how bad teen sims would behave and how good teen sims will behave. They will show you how to raise kids. From a baby to a elder.
After that they will show you what a normal human needs for nutrients or else they would get fat (show video of sims from skinny to fat). Also it will show you how to use the time wisley. (going to job, school, etc.)
they will also show you how a sim reacts to certain things, like if a husband cheats on you and you find out, you wouldn't let that go easily. Also they would show how a relationship goes to acquaintance to something more or less.
you can also learn a few good fashion tips, create clothes for your sims in
photo shop. Genes can also transfer, showing kids how they do. like if the daddy has a pointy nose and the mom has black hair, the child will end up with the dads nose and the moms hair.
Also it can show a child what would happen if they dont study, 1. they wont get a good job if they dont go to college. 2. if they learnt how to study well from thier parent(s) then it would be easier for them to study in college, and even easier for them to learn skills, such as cooking or mechanics or creativity. Practice makes perfect. 3. they'll get a low amount of money and that would lead to less furniture and food and clothes.
I might ad some soft music in the background, maybe a theme song from the sims because i think that it would be boring to just read something with no music or sound in the background.

second life may be the same as the sims, and even though its online, people think its better. its not, because on second life the graphics are not that good, and the characters don't look good either. plus its full of bad people and since its online it can be dangerous. On the sims, its on your computer, the graphics are great, you can create any kind of sims you want, and you don't have to search for items for your sims. The software that i am going to use to publish it is going to be windows movie maker.

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