Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why i Chose The Sims 2-3

I chose the Sims 2-3 game play because it teaches us many things, like financial problems, diets and humans life, what an average human would do everyday. and also how to raise kids. I also chose it because its an easy way to learn these things, and parents might think its a waste of time but the sims actually teach us things even if we don't realize it sooner. We can create destinations, countries we went to and create families and actual celebrities we can also design our own items. I didn't want to do the Wii because the Wii needs several games for them to help, like call of duty for aiming, or cooking mama to cook. The sims only needs it original game to have all of this, its expansion packs just make it more exciting. Sure there might not be any action, but it has the things the will more likely happen in life. we don't all go through an experience where we hold a gun or where we have cook offs. Face book on the other hand has different things than the sims have. It has internet and real live people to chat to, but thats practically all, you cant have much fun on facebook as you can on the sims, plus facebook is all about interacting with people who are all around the world. And sims is about people and there emotions and how there actions will be, for example, if a husband cheats on his wife and the wife finds out, she will be furious and might even have a divorce. I didnt choose an ipod either because all you can do with it is listen to songs or watch something, but with the sims you can actually kind of experience it. This is why i chose the Sims 2-3 gameplay.
The disadvanteges about the sims 2-3 is that they have there own language. and since i want to create a sims 2 video where the sims have to explain to the people, i have to use subtitles.And the sims will be hard to control since this will be my first time creating a video on it.

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